“Trade, not aid”.

  Decades ago, with that scream a group of small farmers claimed to the UNCTAD congress that the international community should open her eyes and perceive the damage caused by its policy of aid to developing countries. Such policy was based on granting loans on...

Guarantees versus standby letters of credit

Guarantees versus standby letters of credit Approaches to standby letters of credit (standbys) and guarantees differ in different parts of the world. People perceive things differently, and that has an impact on how practice evolves. Take for example the Americas...


When the Chinese import and export growth slowed up, reflecting lower demand for Chinese exports overseas and slower domestic demand, one would be forgiven for assuming this would affect growth in renminbi(RMB) trade finance. In fact, the reverse has happened....

Are you being served?

  International trade is dependent upon a broad range of high risk supply chain activity, whilst cultural differences can influence the overall perceptions and expectations of customers. It is important for a seller to manage and reduce this uncertainty.   By...
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