eBSI’s Background

The eBSI Export Academy was established by a group of highly motivated International Trade Practitioners who had previously been heavily involved in traditional International Trade Training with Ireland’s leading private sector export development bodies, the Irish Exporter’s Association and its Academic and Research arm, the Institute of International Trade of Ireland.

The need to provide practical training, networking and support to export practitioners and bankers was identified from an early stage. To meet this need a highly practical and competence based International Trade e-learning programme was developed utilising the latest elearning technology and bringing together highly experienced International Trade Trainers and Practitioners onto one online platform where information and best international practice could be effectively disseminated and benchmarked for the benefit of the global exporting community.

The ITS accreditation programme, in conjunction with the Irish Exporters Association, makes an important contribution to the objective of building strong professional indigenous Irish companies capable of trading successfully in sometimes difficult global markets. This is especially important in a small open economy, such as ours, where Irish companies are so dependant on exporting to increase market share and ensure survival.

Mr. Michael Ahern

TD, Minister for International Trade of Ireland

The eBSI draws upon over 60 years of experience in export training and development fostered by the Irish Exporters Association and the Institute of International Trade of Ireland of which eBSI’s Chairman, Mr. Colum MacDonnell is former Chief Executive.

Both eBSI’s Chairman, Mr. MacDonnell and eBSI’s First Director, Mr. Vincent O’Brien are formal examiners for the Institute of International Trade of Ireland. The Irish Exporters Association was founded in 1951 and has developed an exceptional track record in the field of international trade education.

Peter Sutherland, Director General of GATT for the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations with Colum MacDonnell, Chairman of eBSI and Mr. Lawrence Crowley, President of the Irish Exporters Association 1993-1995.

Many prominent international trade leaders have benefited from these professional examinations.Mr. Peter Sutherland, former Director General of GATT, graduated through the professional examinations of the Irish Exporters Association.

The Institute of International Trade of Ireland is responsible for the development of research into trade-related issues. Its primary mission is the development of accredited and certified international trade education.

Irish exports and international trade development has advanced at an exceptional pace in the past 50 years.

  • Total Irish exports in 1951 were IEP 72.4 million (EUR 91.92 million)
  • Total Irish exports in 2007 were EUR 154 billion

This progress in advancing exports has been achieved on the back of sound economic trade development policies together with the fostering of the highest professional standards in all aspects of international trade.

Irish companies hold the specialist skills of international trade in high regard. International trade is seen as the key driver of economic prosperity with exports of goods and services now accounting for almost 90% of Irish Gross Domestic Product.

A main thrust of the Institute’s work is to encourage high professional standards and appropriately accredited qualifications on the part of those engaged in exporting. Exporting is just as much a profession as accounting or engineering. It is a specialist subject.

Sir George Quigley

Chairman, Institute of International Trade of Ireland, Ulster Bank Group

Sir George Quigley with Vincent O’Brien, Director of eBSI at the launch of the ITS Accreditation Programme at Dublin Port.

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