Its been a real pleasure to receive the in International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme. in the area of International Trade delivered by eBSI. I am extremely grateful to the entire team of eBSI for their constant support / guidance / help to make this possible for me.

I would also like to extend my special gratitude to Thomas Smith for giving me this opportunity to be a an ITS through your respected institution. His encouragement guidance only allowed me to achieve this milestone. His course on E-Business and E-Commerce was very interesting and useful. It indeed opened my eyes to the lot of things.

In addition I like the course materials and the online support structure which allows me to fit my learning in when it is convenient for me.

The International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme has given me the chance to learn and implement new skills in the area of International Trade and Finance as well as interesting components on Marketing and eBusiness. It was also very useful for me to communicate with highly experienced tutors and international trade specialists.

Ashot Iskandaryan

Think Tanks Consultant and Contractor, Armenia

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