flags_of_China Beijing, China


What was anticipated to be the biggest ICC Banking Commission meeting ever had to be postponed due to an EU Travel restriction cancelling over 16,000 flights around Europe after an Icelandic Volcano eruption spewed ash and dust particles into the atmosphere casting a shroud over Europe for a week which potentially could damage aircraft engines.

Due to the danger, Eurocontrol took the dramatic step to ban all civilian flights in Europe just days before the ICC Banking Commission was set to take place in Beijing.

The Beijing meeting was anticipated to become the a record breaking ‘Banking Commission Meeting’ due largely to the meticulous planning by ICC China.

The Beijing meeting had an agenda cram packed with practical action oriented topics. An ICC China Trade Finance Forum was planned for April 20th and while some of the key speakers could not get to China due to the volcanic ash the event went ahead and was well attended, particularly by Chinese and regional delegates.

The options open to the ICC Banking Commission due to this exceptional circumstance are being considered and members of the commission from more than 100 countries are anxiously awaiting the outcome.


Vincent O’Brien, ICC Representative to the WTO Expert Group on Financial Crisis said ‘members of the commission did everything humanly possible to make it to China – it was such a pity as ICC China had planned this event to be a showcase event in the history of the ICC Banking Commission’.


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