Customs Procedures


The main objectives of this Learning Unit are to understand the role and functioning of customs, the services of a customs agent, analyze different customs procedures, methods of goods classification and learn to complete the SAD document.

Learning Unit Summary

In this Learning Unit we will study the functioning of the customs authorities, customs procedures and the various duties imposed by these. In order to place goods under a certain customs procedure, it is necessary to establish their country of destination and customs classification.

To classify goods means to assign them a classification code in accordance with the existing regulations. Customs duty is determined by the classification code and customs tariffs applied. On the basis of the Combined Nomenclature and customs duty, the European Union has established the Integrated Tariff of the Community (TARIC) which provides a further classification under the Combined Nomenclature, which is necessary to determine goods subject to special treatment.

Course Contents

    • Introduction
    • Origin of Goods
    • Customs Valuation
    • Classification of Goods
    • Customs Agents
    • Customs Valuation

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