The International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme was officially launched in the Czech Republic on the 4th of June 2003. The ITS in the Czech Republic is co-accredited by the Czech Institute of International Trade, Transport and Forwarding and CzechTrade, the Czech Export Promotion Agency.

papousekITS Ivan Papousek of CzechTrade together with Jan Herget demonstrating the ITS course structure at Official Press Launch on 4 June 2003.

Initial participants have already joined the programme which will commence this year in September 2003. Participants are expected to range from recent university graduates to professionals working in diverse sectors related to International Trade including Exporters, SME’s, Banking, Transport and Customs services.

Thomas Smith, Operations Director of the eBSI, outlines the ITS e-learning platform at Czech Trade’s ITS Information briefing on the 30th of June in Prague. tspresentCZITS

The course follows the highly successful e-learning model for the International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme delivered by the eBSI in conjunction with the Institute of International Trade of Ireland.


Thomas Smith, Operations Director of the eBSI, with three senior Czech Learning Guides who will be supporting Czech students during their programme. From left to right we have: Aleš Macháč of CzechTrade, Export Market Entry Strategy Learning Guide; Thomas Smith, Operations Director eBSI; Pavel Andrle of eBanka and Secretary to the ICC National Committee in Czech Republic who acts as Finance of International Trade Learning Guide and Mr. Sontonidomo, eBusiness Learning Guide.

art0301Mr. Frantisek Janatka, Director of IMODS, The Czech Institute of International Trade, Transport and Forwarding. Mr. Janatka is recognised as one of the leading experts and trainers in International Trade Practice in the Czech Republic. He will be heading the team of Czech Learning Guides as Trade and Customs Practice Learning Guide of the ITS in the Czech Republic.

Programme fees for the ITS are a competitive EUR1,480 for the one year programme. However, with the benefit of a financial and support package from CzechTrade, Czech nationals who qualify for the programme will see the fees per participant reduced from EUR1,480 to EUR 700 for the ITS programme. Czech professionals wishing to find out more about doing the ITS Accreditation Programme in the Czech Republic should contact either of the following contacts:


Ing. Aleš Macháč

Dittrichova 21
P.O. Box 76
128 01 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Tel.: (+420) 224 907 614
Fax: (+420) 224 913 800


Ing. František Janatka, CSc.,
Lenka Müllerová

IMODS, o.p.s.,
Benediktská 2, Praha 1

Tel.: (+420) 2 2482 7044
Fax: (+420) 2 2482 6054


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