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This highly effective Training and Reference Platform is now used in a large number of major trade finance banks around the world who deal in Documentary Credit business on a regular basis. Those interested in developing a better understanding of Documentary Credit practice will find no better training product than DC-Pro Mentor. No serious DC practitioner should be without the reference tools and opportunity to interface with leading DC experts available through DC-Pro Focus. Why not try it out for 2 weeks with no commitment!

Warsaw, Poland – Vincent O’Brien regularly delivers Road Shows and Promotional Workshops on ICC Rules and Documentary Credit Practice as part of his DC-Pro promotional activities.

Warsaw, Poland – Vincent O’Brien regularly delivers Road Shows and Promotional Workshops on ICC Rules and Documentary Credit Practice as part of his DC-Pro promotional activities.

Warsaw, Poland – Group of Participants at ICC Poland Seminar on Documentary Credits.

DC-Pro is the ICC approved Online Documentary Credit Training and Reference Platform developed by ICC and Coastline Solutions and other partners. Vincent O’Brien, acted as lead content writer of the online training content of DC-Pro Mentor.

DC-PRO Mentor is an interactive multimedia product that guides the user through all stages of the documentary credit cycle, from the basics to practical case studies.

The programme provides expert advice on standards and practice within the ICC rules, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) – UCP 500 in the current version.

Dhaka & Chittagong, Bangladesh – Vincent O’Brien explains the benefits of DC-Pro Mentor to ICC Bangladesh Secretary General Mr. Ibrahim during a promotional event in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka & Chittagong, Bangladesh – Vincent O’Brien with other participants of DC-Pro Promotional Seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Using graphics, audio, interactive questions and online document examples, DC-PRO Mentor consists of three training modules, Basics, Documents and In Practice. It offers flexible subscription facilities, from six weeks to one year. Users can receive individual training or take part in a simultaneous course for a group of trainees.

The interactive training of DC-Pro Mentor is complimented by a robust and comprehensive Online Reference system called DC-Pro Focus which is recognised as being the most comprehensive repository of Letter of Credit information in the world.

Vilnius, Lithuania – Vincent O’Brien with ICC Lithuania Participants at Documentary Credit Seminar

Minsk, Belarus – Group of participants at DC-Pro Promotional Seminar with Vincent O’Brien

DC-Pro Focus includes the following crucial tools and resources for Letter of Credit Practitioners from intermediate to senior level:
– ICC Rules including UCP 500, URG 522, and Incoterms 2000
– ICC Opinions
– International Standard Banking Practice – ISBP
– Online Edition of DCInsight
– Legal Case Summaries provided by the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice
– ICC Policy Statements
– LC Case Studies
– Online Discussion Forums where practitioners discuss technical issues and disputes with leading technical experts from all over the world.
– More services and resources are added regularly…

Budapest, Hungary – Vincent O’Brien with ICC Hungary Secretary General, Mr. Lajos Kustos.

Moscow, Russia – Vincent O’Brien at ICC Russia event sponsored by DC Pro and China Systems.

News Resources

DC-Pro Focus also includes a regular news bulletin which covers the major events and happenings in the world of Documentary Credits. This enables DC Practitioners to stay up to date with the latest news, frauds, events and publications on Letters of Credit. What’s more, DC-Pro Focus subscribers have access to a running archive of hundreds of news articles covering LC issues over the last 4 years.

Karachi, Pakistan – ICC Pakistan regularly invites Vincent O’Brien for LC and Incoterms Seminars.

Dhaka & Chittagong, Bangladesh – Documentary Credits Workshop for ICC Bangladesh.

Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, India – Documentary Credits Seminar Tour for ICC India

Other Resources

DC-Pro Focus also includes an archive of major fraud cases affecting LC’s around the world. An Events Calendar is also provided to inform subscribers of the major events and semin ars taking place around the world. Furthermore their Bookshelf feature provides an updated catalogue of books published by the ICC and other publishers that are considered to be of benefit to L/C practitioners.

Baku, Azerbaijan – Azeri Bank Training Seminar hosted Trade Finance Seminar by Vincent O’Brien

Kiev, Ukraine – Promotional Seminar held for Ukrainian Bankers for DC-Pro by Vincent O’Brien

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan – Advanced Trade Finance Seminar with Vincent O’Brien

ICC Rules

DC-Pro Focus also includes complete online reference texts of the following ICC Publications: UCP 600, eUCP, URC 522, URR 525, ISP 98, URDG 758 and DOCDEX rules.

Ulanbataar, Mongolia – Basic to Intermediate Trade Finance Seminar including DC-Pro Presentation with Vincent O’Brien.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – DC-Pro Documentary Credit Seminar with Vincent O’Brien

Tblisi & Kutaisi, Georgia – Documentary Credit Management Seminar with Vincent O’Brien.

ICC Opinions

ICC Banking Commission Opinions provide expert interpretation and contain the official analysis of how UCP 600 works in day to day practice.

They encourage uniformity of practice in LC operations; act as guidance to court interpretation of ICC Rules; and help to avoid disputes escalating into expensive court cases.

DC-Pro is the only source which provides not only published official ICC Opinions but also those which have been voted upon by the ICC Banking Commission but which have yet to be published in book form.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Trade Finance Seminar.

Skopje, Macedonia – Basic to Intermediate Trade Finance Seminar with Vincent O’Brien

Belgrade, Serbia – Trade Finance Seminar with DC-Pro presentation with Vincent O’Brien.


The International Standard Banking Practice (IBSP) publication is another invaluable accompaniment to UCP 600 for Documentary Credit Practitioners.

This ICC Publication outlines the international standard in relation to how the terms and conditions of UCP 600 are to be applied on a day-to-day basis. DC-Pro Focus provides the full text of ISBP online to subscribers.

Chisinau, Moldova – Documentary Credit Management Seminar

Bratislava, Slovakia – ICC Workshop on UCP 500 and Incoterms 2000 delivered by Vincent O’Brien

Legal Case Summaries

The Institute of International Banking Law and Practice has kindly provided over 500 Legal Case Summaries for online reference to subscribers of DC-Pro.

These summaries provide key information from the most important trade finance legal cases of the past 10 years. Furthermore this information is provided in an easy to assimilate format so that even non-legal experts can benefit from this invaluable resource.

Lagos, Nigeria – Vincent O’Brien delivered an Incoterms 2000 Seminar for ICC Nigeria

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