The Minute Details of Segmenting

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    Traditionally, classes on segmenting in Trinidad and Tobago have focused on the role, benefits, criteria and outcomes. Several examples are provided on products and services and how the segmenting stages and processes can be applied to them.

    It was however refreshing to see an article that captured the usage of the Minerva and Mosaic Models in action. Usually they are mentioned but we were presented with a research paper that used the Models to show their value to the segmenting process.

    It was also instructive to see the various methods for calculating GDP, which are not often used by micro-enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago when trying to determine export market segments. In fact, segmenting strategies for micro-entrepreneurs tend to be limited to product focus with an emphasis on the demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics.. but with sometimes little focus on the role and value of GDP calculations in the overall picture.

    Even the article on using fuzzy logic algorithms brought further scientific value to the whole segmenting analysis process.

    This Unit was therefore an amplified version of teaching segmenting. The question though, for micro-entrepreneurial ventures or even small enterprises, how do they discover that these analytical tools are important to the process, and where do they access the skill sets to properly use them? At best, in Trinidad and Tobago they may outsource from a Marketing Services firm these analyses… if they know that they are needed in the first place.

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