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    The two concepts that stood out for me were the International Product Life Cycle and the PCDL Model of Positioning. These two concepts featured in the reading materials at the end of Unit. I am familiar with the PLC, but not from an international perspective. To my mind, the PLC at an international stage resided in the product being at the Growth Stage, hence the reason for the internationalization process. However, I understand now that the International PLC concept is intended to highlight the strategies to be used in tandem with a focus on the 7 P’s (according to the modern model), but the critical point to note is that the product could be at different stages of the PLC per market. This is intense and requires a strong marketing Department to give the proper international focus, regardless of whether the firm is using a local, international or global approach.

    Similarly, the steps of the PCDL Model for positioning stood out for me as an addition to what the Unit presented. The Unit provided several steps which included using the customer perceptual maps as a form of Gap Analysis.

    Observation: I have worked with several companies and business promotion agencies in Trinidad and Tobago and none of them have ever used the conceptual map and few of them ever did the product positioning analysis. It is one thing for Manufacturing companies and business development agencies to send Staff to do courses such as this one; it is another to allow them to apply the concepts taught…. the concepts that they paid for their Staff to learn.

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