eBSI_Tradebrief_Issue_10_img_16  Istanbul, Turkey

The Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development held its annual TFP Trade Finance Forum 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey on 26-28 September, 2012 with over 200 participants attending from 80 countries.


Over the past few years, the Forum has been a great success with bankers and trade finance professionals and has become a renowned trade finance specialist hub fostering dialogue and cooperation and between the members of the international trade finance banking community with a focus on the EBRD countries of operation.


Thomas Smith with AllyaAratbayeva at the Forum

Thomas Smith with Allya Aratbayeva at the Forum

The 2.5 days event featured sessions covering international trade finance issues such as correspondent and trade finance banking relationships, availability of counterparty and country banking limits, risk taking capacities amongst banks in the current turbulent market.


AnastasiyaTrofimushina of Kyrgyz Demir Bank at EBRD Trade Finance Forum 2012

Anastasiya Trofimushina of Kyrgyz Demir Bank at EBRD Trade Finance Forum 2012

The final session covered Technical Cooperation and the success of the EBRD eLearning program.

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