Exporta publications has recently agreed a series of joint marketing initiatives with the electronic Business School International which are intended to bring new benefits to the customer bases of both organisations.

Global Trade Review
The first initiative to take place is that all eBSI students past and present who wish to avail of a free trial copy of the magazine Global Trade Review may do so by sending their physical mailing address to Ms. Rebecca Morrison of Exporta Publications at the email:


Trade & Payments Clinic and Articles from eBSI Faculty
eBSI First Director Vincent O’Brien will be providing a regular column for Global Trade Review following the successful Trade & Payments Clinic Model already seen in eBSI Trade Brief. eBSI Learning Guides and Specialist Advisors will also be publishing articles. For example, our Czech Finance Learning Guide Mr. Pavel Andrle has already been published twice in Global Trade Review.


Exporta organised the Innovations in Trade Services Conference in London on 13 June 2005 where Vincent O’Brien presented the highlights of the latest ICC/DCPRO Market Intelligence Survey 2005.

Ms. Danielle Austin, International Trade Specialist, Sikorsky Helicopters pictured with Vincent delivered a highly practical paper entitled ‘Letters of Credit presented by Beneficiaries: Let’s bridge the gap’.

Exporta Conferences
Exporta Publishing and Events also organise several focused and specialised trade finance conferences and workshops throughout the year. eBSI’s Vincent O’Brien will be speaking at the Innovation in Trade Services conference to be held in New York, USA on Wednesday, 19th October 2005.

Other important events for your calendar are:
– Thursday, 27th October – Baltics: Trade & Export Finance Forum – Riga, Latvia
– Tuesday, 15th and Wednesday, 16th November – Sub-Saharan Africa: Project and Trade Finance Forum – London, UK

For further information on these events, please contact

Note: eBSI students and graduates can avail of a 20% discount off conference fees for these events.

Special discounts
Besides the special 20% discount on conferences, Exporta Publishing has agreed an extra special 50% discount to eBSI students and graduates who wish to subscribe to Global Trade Review. Given that Global Trade Review’s annual subscription rate is GBP 295, this represents a saving of GBP 147.50!

For further details of these discounts, feel free to contact Mr. Peter Gubbins at

Regular Exporta/GTR Column
Finally, we will be publishing a practical article from Global Trade Review every issue compliments of Exporta Publications, this first of which you can find in this issue of eBSI Trade Brief.

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