The globalisation of the world economy and fast growth of eBusiness create new opportunities for international traders, however, they bring in their risks as well. Companies need expertise to be able to face the internationalisation of trade and the challenge of eBusiness, as well as to learn the principles of the new digital economy.

This course takes us through the fundamentals of eBusiness and progresses through key areas of eBusiness such as e-marketing, online distribution, e-logistics, brands on the Internet and e-promotion. Significant use of B2B and B2C case studies are examined in detail.

From here more strategic aspects of designing and implementing an eBusiness plan and establishing online shops with appropriate online security is examined. Practical skills including web page creation, use of e-mail and chat and effective Internet research are also covered.

Learning Units in this course:

  • Fundamentals of Digitalisation
  • The Digital Economy
  • eSecurity
  • eProduct
  • Internet Pricing Policy
  • eEntrepreneur
  • eBusiness Implementation
  • eMarketing I
  • eMarketing II
  • ePromotion
  • Languages on the Internet
  • Online Shops
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Online Audience
  • eDistribution
  • eLogistics
  • Brand & Positioning
  • eBusiness Department
  • Export Examples
  • eCommerce
  • eCommerce Risk Management

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