What is IFC FIT Initiative.net?

IFC FIT Initiative.net is the Global Trade Finance Campus and online business networking service that connects the participants of the IFC FIT Initiative in various participating countries, creating a new resource that’s based on a trusted web of your contacts and associates. You can use this abundant network to find jobs, buy and sell goods, locate a business partner, and accomplish much more with the help of groups and individuals who know you and share your international trade interests.

How does IFC FIT Initiative.net work?

Once you’ve registered with IFC FIT Initiative.net, you’ll invite people you know to join your business network. Your contacts will come to IFC FIT Initiative.net and invite their contacts. As your network grows, you’ll have more opportunities to interact easily with everyone you know, make new acquaintances, and use the network’s collective knowledge to develop your international trade career or business. Business networks are the heart and soul of IFC FIT Initiative.net; the larger they are, the more powerful they become. Best of all, everyone in your network has been invited, approved and recommended by someone else inside your business circle.

What is My Network?

Your network consists of your primary trade contacts (people you know), as well as people 2 connections away (contacts of your contacts), and people 3 connections away (people who know contacts of your contacts). The larger your network becomes, the more useful and productive it will be; keep growing your network, and you’ll have access to more tradeleads, messages, Specialist Interest Groups, jobs and events.

How do I invite my contacts to use IFC FIT Initiative.net?

Every page on the IFC FIT Initiative.net site has an invite link that lets you send messages to your contacts who have not joined yet. You can email a customized message that describes IFC FIT Initiative.net. When you find a contact at IFC FIT Initiative.net, you can add them through the “Add to Contacts” link on the right. If you want to find someone on the network, use search to find them by their name or email address.

How do I get started with IFC FIT Initiative.net?

First, complete your profile, so others can learn more about you. Then, invite more contacts to join IFC FIT Initiative.net, create a group of your contacts and you’ll be on your way to connecting your business network.

How is my privacy protected?

IFC FIT Initiative.net does not sell the information we collect from our users to third-party companies. One of our core values is that our members create and control their networks, as well as their personal information. Once you join IFC FIT Initiative.net, you’ll decide exactly what others can learn about you by creating and editing your profile. For more information on how IFC FIT Initiative.net values your right to control your personal data, please read our privacy policy.

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