The 2003 ANNUAL SURVEY OF LETTER OF CREDIT LAW & PRACTICE will take place at a major European event in Vienna on Thursday 20 March and Friday 21 March 2003.

This important event hosted and co-sponsored by

Erste Bank




ICC-Czech Republic

This event brings the leading world experts in International Trade Finance together in one forum for two intensive days.

Hot topics to be discussed include:

  • Statements Regarding Waiver in Notices of Refusal
  • Enron Fallout for LCs
  • Lost Originals: Beneficiary Requests
  • Non-Documentary Conditions
  • Applicant-Controlled Documents
  • Security Interests in LCs
  • DC-PRO
  • Frauds & Scams
  • Bank to Bank Reimbursement
  • SWIFT Issues
  • LC Assignments


Professor James Byrne, Director of the Washington Based Institute of International Banking Law and Practice has invited Mr. O’Brien to speak at this event because of his practical experience in Documentary Credit consulting and training, particularly in emerging markets.

Professor Byrne stated that “In the calendar year of 2002, Vincent has delivered hands on technical assistance in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Republic of Belarus, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovakia, and Georgia – so he has obviously accrued a lot of air-miles!”

This work has been undertaken for leading development bodies such as World Bank, UNCTAD and EBRD as well as leading international banks.

This significant event in Vienna on Thursday 20 March and Friday 21 March 2003 must not to be missed by serious international trade professionals.

Students and graduates of eBSI as well as subscribers to eBSI News can benefit from a special concession registration fee of only USD795 as opposed to the standard registration fee of USD995.00

For details pleas email

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