Lagos, NigeriaWith the gracious and enthusiastic support of ICC’s National Committee inNigeria The IFC FIT Initiative achieved a very significant intake of participants in its launch
in Nigeria on 12 June 2009. High profile speakers attended the event including the Deputy
Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria along with other industry figures.

Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria-1

The Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Tunde Lemo and Chief O. Osunkeye, Chairman of ICC Nigeria
at the formal launch of the IFC FIT Initiative in Nigeria
Following this solid launch with 70 participants joining the IFC FIT Program a graduation event was organised in the mark of the ICC Nigeria’s 10th anniversary celebrations.
Thomas Smith of eBSI joined leading luminaries from Nigerian business and
academia to congratulate the graduates of the first group of FIT Graduates!
Representatives of the Vice President of Nigeria and Governor of the state of
Lagos were among those attending.
in-nigeria1 in-nigeria2
‘FIT’ Graduates celebrating their
achievement inof Lagos Nigeria
Happy 10th Anniversary to ICC


ICC Nigeria Secretary-General
Mrs Bunmi Funke was among
the first Nigerian FIT Graduates

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