The Graduation in Bangladesh was held on 30 May 2009 in Dhaka, under the auspices of ICC Bangladesh. In Pakistan the graduation took place in Karachi. The Institute of Bankers Pakistan continued their generous logistical support to ensure a successful event on 10 June 2009.

in-pakistan The first launch in Africa took place with the local support of ICC Nigeria on 12 June. In Vietnam a country launch was organised for 1 July with the support of longtime local partner of eBSI, Hoang Ngiep Training and Consulting and achieved a very significant level of interest as seen in the launch photo on the opposite page.

In Cambodia the local coordinator selected was the Association of Banks in Cambodia, with the operational support of their Cambodia Institute of Banking. This together with the enthusiastic support of Acleda Bank, IFC’s only Issuing bank in Cambodia ensured a successful launch there on 3 July, 2009.
Besides graduations for all countries, a further country roll-out has been planned in Kenya in the first quarter of 2010.
The FIT Initiative provides graduates with international certification and integrates them into a growing network.

Next Intake Dates for the IFC FIT Initiative
The next program intakes will take place in the following countries
in March 2010
banladesh Bangladesh, contact Ataur Rahman,
pakistan Pakistan, contact Umar Farooq,
nigeria Nigeria, contact Arije Abdulrasaq,
vietnam Vietnam, contact Martin Nguyen,
cambodjia Cambodia, contact
kenija Kenya, contact
For other countries please contact


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