2009 saw the IFC Finance of International Trade elearning Initiative expand with a third group commencing their
studies in Bangladesh and Pakistan and launches in Nigeria, Vietnam and Cambodia.

As is now the norm for this important Trade Finance qualification, a series of events were organised to mark the graduations of the second contingent of Bangladeshi and Pakistani participants and for the launches of the program in Nigeria, Vietnam and Cambodia. This extended intake of participants was the biggest yet, showing the market need for this certification program with over 150 participants enrolling among the 5 participating countries. Enrolments for 2011 totaled a further 120 from 6 countries.

FIT Initiative Launch held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 1 July 2009

IFC FIT Launch in Nigeria Mrs Omolara Akanji, Vincent O’Brien and Bunmi Funke
‘FIT’ Graduates celebrating their achievement inof Lagos Nigeria
CC Nigeria Secretary-General Mrs Bunmi Funke was among the first Nigerian FIT Graduates


FIT Initiative Launch held in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia on 4 July 2009

FIT Initiative Launch held in Lagos Nigeria on 12 June 2009
Thomas Smith with FIT Initiative Graduates in Nigeria

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