Frantisek Janatka


Trade & CustomsPractice – Supporting Tutor


Study Subject:

Trade and Customs Practice – Supporting Tutor

Special Missions:

Ireland, England, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Profile Summary:

Mr Janatka started his career working in various functions within the Czech Foregn Trade Corporation Koospol a.s. He worked for a further 7 years as director of a trading company in Germany.

In 1997, Mr. Janatka became director of the Czech Institute of Foreign Trade, Transport and Forwarding (IMODS o.p.s.) based in Prague.

Guide Updates

He is the author of 18 books published on various topics related to foreign trade and is widely regarded as one of the leading expert trainers in this area in the Czech Republic and an active member of ICC National Committee in the Czech Republic.

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