The electronic Business School International has received further acclaim this year from one of its strongest growing markets – Pakistan.

Over the last few years Vincent O’Brien has spent over six months in Pakistan on a number of missions for the United Nations Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD) under a World Bank funded project to modernise the Pakistani Banking sector.

Mr. O’Brien’s input into the project has resulted in a number of significant developments involving Pakistani Customs, procuedures, foreign exchange regulations and the advancement of the establishment of a professional accreditation programme in Documentary Credits for Pakistani Bankers.

Having been invited to speak at a major international conference in Karachi, Pakistan Mr. O’Brien was surprised by his friends and colleagues in Pakistan when he was asked along to a ‘special ceremony’ in Karachi…

MrAxizICCChairandvobpres At the Karachi ceremony, Mr. O’Brien received an award from the International Chamber of Commerce Pakistan for his contribution to the banking sector in Pakistan.

But there was more to come for Mr. O’Brien! …

The Institute of Bankers of Pakistan, the hosts for the ceremony, also presented Mr. O’Brien with another trophy for his continuing contribution to international banking education in Pakistan. Mrumaribpandvob

When asked to comment on the ceremony, Mr. O’Brien said that one of the most fulfilling experiences he has had during his professional career as an international consultant and trainer has been his time in Pakistan where he has felt the warmth of the people in these countries and been impressed with the energy and professionalism of dynamic institutions such as the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan and the very active International Chamber of Commerce National Committees who have all invited him to deliver seminars and technical assistance over the last 2 years.


Mr. Vincent O’Brien with various luminaries of the Pakistani Banking Industry.

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