• Honours Graduate Ms. Souzan Tarazi, Dubai Bank, Head, Trade Finance & Corporate Operations

  • Mr. Hisham M. Hammoud, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Ahmed Humaid Lootah, Head of Central Operations

  • Award from eBSI Export Academy Director, Mr. Vincent O’Brien and Scholarship Partner, China Systems, Mr. Masood Hussain.

‘Honours Graduate’honors_Graduate

Dubai Bank sees opportunities in the challenging environment.
Despite the challenges facing banks across the globe since the onset of the financial crisis it is encouraging to observe that certain banks see opportunities amidst the current challenging environment. According to Mr. Hisham M. Hammoud, Chief Operating Officer ‘the secret to success during turbulent times is to work closely with customers and to understand their trade cycle so that solutions can be packaged to match their specific trade needs’.

Dubai Bank’s commitment to long term relationships with customers has played an increasingly important role particularly in the area of trade finance according to Mr. Ahmed Humaid Lootah, Head of Central Operations ‘We are now seeing very positive results from our demonstrated commitment to work in partnership with our trade customers’.

Dubai Bank has seen an increase in the value and volumes of trade transactions concluded year on year despite the financial crisis. Ms. Souzan Tarazi, Head of Trade finance & Corporate Operations elaborated ‘there are two key factors that require heightened awareness – first, trade is fundamental and important business to sustain economic development and promote recovery and secondly there is a clear migration by trade clients back to traditional trade finance products’. She continued ‘In particular, we are seeing an increase in the use of standby letters of credit where the contracting parties have ongoing trading relationships’. It is important that customers have confidence in the expertise of bank staff managing mission critical trade finance transactions where first class trade processing operations are a pre-requisite for success.

Ms. Souzan Tarai, Head of Trade Finance & Corporate Operations at Dubai Bank recently achieved an ‘honours’ final result upon completion of the International Trade Specialist Accreditation with eBSI Export Academy.

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