Seminar on ISBP with Vincent O’Brien in Karachi
A series of seminars was held in Karachi and Lahore in conjunction with the Institute of Bankers, Pakistan to mark the launch of the IFC FIT Initiative in Pakistan. The Karachi event took place on 30 April and had over 60 participants.


The Seminar, delivered by ICC and IFC Trainer Vincent O’Brien pictured center above covered the International Chamber of Commerce rules ‘International Standard Banking Practice and UCP 600 which are essential for documentary credit practitioners around the world.

The IFC ‘FIT Initiative’ is an essential component in the training make up of all trade finance practitioners given its practical online approach to a broad spectrum of core trade finance products including Documentary Collections, Documentary Credits, Factoring, Forfaiting, Invoice Discounting, Bonds and Guarantees as well as ICC approved training on the new UCP 600.

Leading to a Certificate in Finance in International Trade from the Institute of Export UK as well as a certificate of accomplishment in ICC UCP 600 this training programme will launch in Pakistan on 15 June 2008.

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