2013 Program Starts 30 September in 8 countries

The IFC Finance of International Trade elearning program achieved another success in 2012 having added another 100 graduates to the growing pool of certified Trade Finance Professionals working in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cambodia, Kenya and East Africa and Vietnam. This achievement has led to the program being featured at the recent IATTO Forum in Tallinn, Estonia and at the IFC Partners meeting in Dubai, UAE.


Congratulations to all the graduates!


The next intakes of the IFC FIT Program will be taking place from 30 September 2013 so contact us at info@ifcfitinitiative.com if you would like to join the course!

The IFC ‘FIT Initiative’ is an e-learning program that is designed with an important dual purpose:

   1. to train and certify international trade finance professionals

   2. to build an online global network of international trade and finance professionals who will share knowledge and experience on an online platform specifically developed for the program


This Three Month program is delivered in a combination of the following learning elements:

Online Support site for students

Students will be incorporated into the eBSI Alumni and will be able to collaborate through a purpose built learning platform.


Online Specialised training in UCP 600

ICC Approved Online Training in UCP 600 (Mentor or Upskill 600).


Online Collaboration Site for stakeholders

To leverage the network aspect of the ‘FIT’ Initiative all stakeholders (participants, tutor sand coordinators) will have access to an online networking and collaboration system designed to facilitate exchange of ideas and contact building.


Online Interactive Core Learning Material

The Finance of International Trade (FIT) course is comprised of the following Learning Units:

   * Methods of Payment

   * Bills of Exchange

   * Documentary Collections

   * Documentary Credits

   * Import Documentary Credits

   * Bonds & Guarantees

   * Forfaiting, Factoring & Invoice Discounting

   * Structured Trade Finance

   * Export Credit Agencies

   * Complex Transactions

   * Warehouse Financing

   * GTFP Trade Facilitation Program



The IFC Finance of International Trade elearning program has been expanded to a 6 month program to allow for additional learning units covering key areas as required from feedback from the over 700 graduates who have already taken the program.


All Graduates will have access to the new modules at no extra cost!



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