istanbul_flag Kampala, Uganda
A one week Trade Finance Operations workshop was organised by International Finance Corporation
(IFC) and delivered by Pavel Andrle of eBSI on 13-17 June 2011. This was the first formal training
delivered by eBSI to IFC Issuing Banks covering the topics of Trade Finance back office operations.
IFC is one of the four top multilateral development banks that choose eBSI as a trade finance training
provider. The objective of this trade finance workshop was to provide participants with the required
tools to understand and manage corporate customers trade finance needs so that they can properly
apply international standard banking practice within their back office operations and procedures for
the main popular trade finance instruments and in turn mitigate risk exposure for their respective banks.
The workshop was designed to provide a structured and step by step approach to managing trade
finance operations with a view to being able to implement the knowledge obtained at the week long
training program back home in their banks.

Pavel Andrle interacts with participants from IFC Issuing
Banks during the seminar.



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