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Whatever way you look at it, Ireland is dependent on Export business to bring recovery to the economy and continue development. According to Vincent O’Brien, Director of online learning specialists, eBSI Export Academy, ‘The Celtic Tiger got fat and lethargic during the boom times – To survive and prosper in the international business jungle the Tiger must be fit. To get fit training is required, and the training needs to be tough, practical, task oriented, flexible and empowering but in the end deliver tangible added value.
dublin-irelandThe Forfas Future Skills Report has identified an essential requirement: “The upskilling and training of the resident population must be seen as the primary response to skill shortages. Developing the work force at all levels is crucial to Ireland’s sustained economic development”.

But questions remain! What skill sets are needed by Irish export operations staff to meet the challenges? How can training that meets requirements be delivered in an efficient and measurable manner? Can the logistical challenges of delivering consistent certified training across a new multicultural workforce be overcome?
Challenging questions but Mr O’Brien believes that the new innovative approach, spearheaded by the eBSI, is the correct one. ‘The new eBSI Export Academy Diploma in Export Operations by eLearning addresses these issues head on, the DEO delivers quality approved content across a self regulating educational platform. This puts learners in the driving seat. Pre-determined objectives must be met along a road map to the qualification. eLearning which is driven by technology enables individuals or organisations to accelerate their knowledge acquisition, depending on their specific needs’.

With changes in compliance requirements happening on an almost daily basis, a major challenge was how the new eLearning Diploma can keep abreast of such changes and build them into a knowledge based learning system.
According to John Whelan, ‘‘This was a major challenge when we were assisting eBSI in scoping the elearning Diploma, but eventually we came up with the innovative solution of having standardised approved content-rich learning modules developed and verified. These verified modules are then supported and integrated into an online ’24/7/365’ learning platform, where time sensitive material is available through a network of online tutors and trade practitioners’
With practical direction and support from FÁS and the IITI, eBSI Export Academy initiated the development of the elearning Diploma in Export Operations (DEO).

This 2 year elearning Diploma delivers fundamental knowledge essentials in the first year by incorporating the stand alone certification International Trade Specialist Accreditation (ITS).
In Year Two, more strategic elements are addressed: Export Marketing Management, Logistics and the Supply Chain, and the Law of International Trade. In Year Two learners must develop and present a goal oriented Global Trade Study.

Further details and a course syllabus can be obtained by contacting Thomas Smith at

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