Internet Pricing Policy


The objective of this Learning Unit is to learn to establish prices in the digital global matket, analyse the influence of new e-intermediaries as well as to discuss tendencies in dynamic pricing.

Learning Unit Summary

Perhaps, one of the most complicated aspects of digital global trade is pricing policy. Price is a piece of information.

In the global digital market this information must be communicated clearly and which is competitive when faced with global price comparisons. Furthermore, the e-conomy tends to be push prices down. An incorrect pricing policy can lead to total failure in digital markets.

First of all we should find out about prices in various markets, as this information will allow us to have some real criteria for setting our pricing policy. However, we will meet the familiar dilemma of global or local prices.

Furthermore, price will also depend on the selected Incoterm. We should offer our clients an online system for calculating proforma invoices, taking into account the currency, Incoterm and client, etc. in question.

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Prices on the Web


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