Mark Zeller

Trade & Customs Practice – Supporting Tutor

Profile Summary:

Mark has extensive experience in the entire spectrum of the global supply and demand chain through the mediums of training and facilitation of International Trade.



Study Subject:

Trade and Customs Practice – Supporting Tutor

Special Missions:

South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda.

Specialist areas of expertise focus on:

  • International Contracts of Sale and Purchase
  • International Terms of Sale and Purchase, including INCO terms and Foreign Trade Definitions
  • Risk and Cost assessment
  • Marine Insurance
  • International Contracts of Payment and Carriage

Guide Update:

  • Public and in-house training to both traders and service providers throughout the supply and demand chain – both locally and abroad
  • Guest speaker for various corporate and governmental events related to International Trade
  • Co-facilitation of Change Management processes within companies
  • Consulting and Auditing the Trade management, and processes of traders and service providers

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