Besides the fact that qualified export professionals and
international trade specialists is increasing globally due to
the difficult economic climate the world over, eBSI has now
expanded its offering in response to the growing demand for
Logistics, Supply Chain and CIPS qualifications in the labour
market through strategic partnerships with leading organisations
in these fields.


From October 2012 onwards eBSI will be offering courses from other
prestigious Trade and Logistics Training organisations as follows:

IOSCM Logo the Institute of Supply Chain

through IoSCM UK offering online
certifications in this important area serving international
ICS Logo
Coracle Logo
the Institute of Chartered
through their 
online learning partner Coracle Online
IOE Logo Each organisation compliments perfectly the
current offering of International Trade and Trade Finance
courses currently offered by eBSI and Certified by the Institute
of Export
CIPS Logo Finally for those seeking a Sourcing
qualification we have we have incorporated courses with the
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
in collaboration with the Chamber Business Training
in the UK.

You can see a general overview of the courses available on our new
eBSI home page at

You can fill in an enquiry form there or we also welcome enquiries
by email and will be happy to provide full info and pricing and
Emerging Market course opportunities to those contacting Thomas
Smith at

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