Outlook 2013 Essentials


Outlook 2013 helps you manage your busy life through its calendar and social connectors. With Outlook 2013 you are given a sleeker more efficient way to organize and communicate. With a new and improved user interface and a more powerful search tool your participants will increase their productivity as they will be able to manage their information more efficiently!

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Opening and Closing Outlook
Opening Outlook
Setting up an E-mail Account
Understanding the Ribbon and the Status Bar
Using Backstage View
About Your Office Account
Closing Outlook
Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Understanding the Interface
About the Folders Pane
About the Reading Pane
About the To-Do Bar Pane
About the People Pane
Peeking at Other Modes
About the View Tab
Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Working with the Message List and the Reading Pane
Previewing Messages
About the Reading Pane
Opening or Saving Attachments
Filtering and Sorting Messages
Using Inline Replies
Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Using Message List Commands
Flagging Messages
Deleting Messages
Marking Messages as Read or Unread
Ignoring E-mail
Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Creating a New E-mail
Creating an E-mail
Addressing an E-mail
Attaching a File
Sending the Message
Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Managing E-mail
Printing a Message
About the Folder Pane
Creating Folders
Moving Messages to Folders
Renaming, Moving, and Deleting Folders
Working with Favorite Folders
Sending and Receiving Mail
Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Searching for Items
Understanding Search Folders
Setting Up and Using Search Folders
Using Instant Search
Using Advanced Search
Using Contact Search
Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: An Introduction to the Calendar
Getting Started
Using the Weather Bar
Creating an Appointment
Changing Your Calendar View
Editing an Appointment
Managing Reminders
Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: An Introduction to Tasks
Getting Started
Creating a New Task
Editing a Task
Updating Task Status
Basic Task Views
Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: An Introduction to Contacts
Getting Started
Creating a New Contact
Editing a Contact
Organizing Contacts
Basic Contact Views
Module Eleven: Review Questions

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