Trade and Customs Practice

International trade involves the professional practitioner operating within a complex environment of rules, laws, customs regulations and practices which are evolving in an ever changing world. This Trade and Customs specialist subject involves the assimilation, understanding and application of the skills of trade and customs as reflected by international standards and practice.

Trade and Customs Practice guide the learner on a step by step basis through the essential trade practice activities in international trade. All the steps from agreeing international commercial terms right through packing, shipping, customs and logistics management are examined in detail.

Trainees who complete the Trade & Customs Practice course qualify for 16 PDUs towards recertification for the Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) accreditation offered by BAFT-IFSA and IFS.

Learning Units in this course:

  • Introduction to International Trade
  • International Transport and Logistics
  • Export Packaging
  • Marine Transport
  • International Modes of Transport
  • Documentation in International Trade
  • Customs Procedures
  • Import Procedures
  • Incoterms 2010
  • International Contracts

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