Vincent O’Brien travelled to Nigeria to represent eBSI twice so far this year for a seminar in Lagos organised by the International Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian National Committee and for a conference and seminar organised by the Nigerian Ministry of Transport where the Minister of Transport himself, Dr. Abiye Sekibo delivered the keynote address.

vob_kieko_jeff Vincent O’Brien with Nigerian Minister of Transport Dr. Abiye Sekibo and eBSI Specialist Advisor Jeffrey Blum of Interlink International Trading (UK) Ltd.

The first seminar held in Lagos and organised by the ICC National Committee Nigeria was on the topics of Incoterms 2000 and UCP 500 as Tools for International Trade and Finance.

Mr. Jeffrey Blum with Mr. Chidi Ilogu, eBSI’s host for the seminar in Calabar, and Vincent O’Brien at the conference on International Transport and World Trade. VOB_jeff_rep

The following event in Nigeria was organised by Interlink International Consortium and held in Calabar, Northern Nigeria over 4 days and featured numerous interventions from leading international experts.

vobnigeria eBSI’s own Vincent O’Brien who presented papers on Change Factors in International Transport and Logistics – A Technical Perspective; and on International Trade Finance and Documentation.
eBSI Specialist Advisor Mr. Jeffrey Blum also delivered a series of highly technical interventions on Challenges in International Trade and Transportation and on their Consequences for the Nigerian Economy. jeffnigeria

Our host for the event, Mr. Chidi Ilogu delivered a powerful presentation on the legal implications of International Transport Regimes and Multimodalism in Nigeria.

jeff_vob_kids eBSI Specialist Advisor Jeffrey Blum and First Director Vincent O’Brien availed of the opportunity to explore some of Northern Nigeria including some really enjoyable encounters with some local children!

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